Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bunny the Builder

I made this awhile back but was frustrated and did not like it at the time so it never was posted. Why you ask? I dont know! Now that I look at it again.. I like it! I must have been in a hurry because I could have fixed the lettering in his belt but never did... oh well! Maybe next time I have my paints out I will fix his little belt :)
This is an ATC (artist trading card). If you are interested in trading, let me know!


  1. hey squirrel girl - thanks for your comment. i don't know if i'm really the right person to ask, i'm still trying to "break" in, too! i guess my only thought would be is to look at various card companies websites to really get a feel for what they are buying. i saw that's already on your do to list - research! good luck!

  2. Great illustrations, SG. I really enjoy the whimsical nature of your pieces...the spatula is so darned cute! And this little guy is sweet too. It's good to step back, put things away, bring them back out again and assess..always good to do it's great that you did. I think bunny is sweet! I like that you've added so much texture and color to the piece. I hope to post that "portfolio" piece 's taking me awhile and it also is so hard for me to know when it's finished..I think it's almost there..see you soon and it's awesome to see how busy and committed you are. : )

  3. I love this illustration. Bunny the builder is very proud of himself, I can tell. I like the tool belt because it's in character and looks like maybe he made his tool belt himself.

    Great work.

  4. Hello Happy New Year to you dear Squirrel Girl!
    I hope you are well:)
    How are you now? How's your new house? Hope all things are fine with you!

  5. your painting style is fresh and are on a roll!

  6. I really like your style - great illustrations here!


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