Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Impatience - Chicky

Impatient Chicken ATC


Chicky Had much impatience for laying her egg! When will her first come?

This is an ATC (artist trading card). If you are interested in trading please let me know! I have many ATCs.

(C)Copyright 2009 Darn Dog Design

Squirrel Girl in the Mountains!

Two of a KindHi everyone!! A lot has changed around here... me and my husband are moving! The house is up for sale and as soon s we have a buyer we are moving to a house that we built together in the mountains. It will be a big adventure because there is no water or electricity! But we will eventually have both even if it is solar or water by catching rain. I can't waiiit!! There are wolves, mountain lions, falcons... all kinds of furry friends! We decided to move because we are tired of big mortgage payments and too many bills. Plus we will live in a place with more outdoor activities! Where we live now (in the desert) we have to drive atleast an hour for such things. I am SO excited!

It's official...

The Acorn Heart AwardAn Official Squirrel Girl Award! Maybe you will win one?


Shirley my awesome online illustrator friend has given me an award!! Thanks Shirley!!

Be sure to check out her blog.. she has some amazingly talented artwork that you don't want to miss!