Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Did I ever tell you how much I L♥VE making ATCs (artist trading cards)? They are so much fun! These were made for the "School" theme on Monday's Mail Flickr group. The reason I chose "School" as the theme is because I have been contemplating becoming a teacher! What do you think? Are you a teacher or know anyone who is? Do they enjoy their jobs? What grade/subject do they teach? I think the 3rd grade would be a lot of fun. Especially if we had art time everyday!!


  1. Oh my goodness what cuteness! Go become a teacher, I finshed student teaching about a year and a half ago, I had the second grade, they're still kinda dependent on you at that age, but I myself always thought third was the best because they're a lot more independent, but you still get the cute little kidness. I just moved to a different state so I have to re-take all my tests, so I can teach. Oh, and you work for your money, but it's worth it, very rewarding.

  2. Bearuh: I'm a teacher...I teach Kindergarten. I've been doing this for about 12 years now. I honestly do love what I do, but I realize now that there is not nearly enough money (I know, that's not everything) and REALLY not enough respect out there for the profession. I work a lot of hours, hours that no one tells you about before you begin your teaching education. I'm talking HOURS girl! There's planning, grading, conferences, home visits, PD (professional development), etc. etc. etc. <-that's a bit redundant, huh? :) BUT ... it is very rewarding and does have some perks. I love how when there's a snow day, I don't worry about child care cause I'm off with my kids. And though we don't get "three months" off for summer like everyone thinks, it is nice to have a break in there (I usually do nothing the entire month of June school related...once 4th of July comes round, I start feeling the pressure to get things ready.) In what state do you live? In my district, you can substitute teach if you have so many college hours. That is a good way to get a feel for if you think you'd really like it plus it's good networking. :) GOOD LUCK!


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