Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How To Make Butter ♥

Every once in awhile I like to include a fun "How To" post. This is a very fun, fast and easy way to make butter out of cream you buy from your local grocery store. Kids and grownups can both enjoy making butter!

You will need heavy cream. I used whipped for my butter and it turned out delicious ♥

You will also need a glass jar of some type such as this one. Mason jars will also work:

Let your cream sit out on the counter top for 12 hours at room temperature. I know it sounds yucky but the bacteria that is needed to make butter will be able to grow at this temperature instead of leaving it in the cold refrigerator.

Once you have waited 12 hours, pour the cream into your glass jar.  It will be very thin to start but you will see the transformation soon.

Securely fasten the lid.

Now shake shake SHAKE that jar for 3 minutes! OR until you start to notice the cream is separating from the side of the jar and turning into a very thick buttery consistency (see picture above). Once you notice this shake for 1 more minute.

Open the jar and use the lid to hold the butter back and let the watery liquid poor into a separate glass.

Do you know what you have now in that glass? Butter milk! It is very yummy and great for cooking pancakes, biscuits and more.

Now poor some cold water in your jar with the butter then separate the water into the sink using the lid until you have only the butter left in the jar.

Enjoy your delicious hand made butter ♥


  1. Sounds wonderful! I hope you've been well!! My daughter made a small version of this during a field trip celebrating Colonial days and the kids loved shaking it to make a thin bit of butter to spread on cornbread. Too cool!

  2. Great how to! Didn't know you should let the whipping cream set out for 12 hours before you make the butter...awesome! Will have to try it :) Great to see you posting too! :)



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