Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birthday Boo Boo

Wouldnt it be fun to have your own line of greeting cards?? Maybe I will make an etsy shop someday with my cards! What do you think? Would you buy them? This is my second birthday card... one for when you actually remember and one for when you don't!


  1. Lovely greetings with lovely thoughts!
    If you have a dream, just turn it into action.
    I am sure there are people who appreciate your beautiful children whimsical illustration!
    Just be daring and make it happen!
    I am going to have mine too there. See you!

  2. Thanks Yoon See!! Your comments are so nice.. they really give me the courage to keep illustrating!

  3. its a good idea, we use to forget things, sometimes important things. if you do someth at etsy let me know :) im also considering to do someth there :))

    greetings from Patagonia

  4. Go on right ahead!I too dream of opening my own line of greeting cards when I'm old enough...

    Spread the happiness!


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