Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The "Who Am I" Contest

Does my art look somewhat familiar to you? Maybe my writing seems to have a familiar style? If you can guess what username or blog I used to post my artwork under then you will be the lucky winner of a small original artwork piece by me! I will give you a hint... I posted mostly digital artwork. If it is too hard then I will post more hints as time moves on! Thanks for playing!


  1. Sorry, I have no idea.
    Is that still under squirrelgirl or your nick name...?

  2. I saw your signature SM.
    Something relate to SM!
    S stands for Squirrel and M for your name.

  3. Sorry Yoon See, It does not have to do with the signature. will give you a hint! It has to do with an animal.. but not a squirrel. it is the name of an animal with "uh" added to the end of it!

  4. i ve been thinking... uh ending..?? mm.... :/

  5. Your work is so lovely, great texture & colour.
    Thanks for the comment.

  6. Hi Squirrel Girl,
    It's a bit challenging!
    Give me more time for this:)

  7. are you beruah?
    I can't remember how to spell it! But I think we traded art cards before! Monday artday... all that jazz...


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