Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Tending the Garden" and "Double your money"

Hi everyone! These were made for the weekly theme on Monday's Mail. Join the fun if you would like to trade with me :)

Here is an update on my health.. it turns out I had an ectopic pregnancy instead of a miscarriage. I was rushed into emergency surgery. Keep in mind I have never been really sick or had surgery in my life!! The baby was pretty big and my tube was about to burst. They ended up having to remove my entire tube. It was the scariest thing I have ever gone through and I hope none of you have had to go through such a thing. After the surgery I had to go back to the hospital for chest pain...a nurse who did not know what she was talking about told me that I had a blood clot in my lung. But don't worry.. it turned out she did not know what she was talking about.  Now I am just trying to heal as fast as possible. But after all of this, I really feel like I have been given a second chance at life. It has opened my eyes wide and clear! In fact.. me and my husband have decided to quit making ourselves miserable by staying in this town. We are moving to Colorado!! And man am I excited!! This is a goal that we have had for many many years. The house that we bought is a major fixer upper so stay tuned for lots of fun before and after pictures :)


  1. The piggie is so cute and the little bear! I hope you get well soon :)!

  2. I am so glad to hear you are healing up and doing better. Also, that is great to hear you guys are going to be moving! That should be great and rejuvenating! congrats :)

    All the best for you both!


  3. These are wonderful- love the characters and colors. So sorry to read that you've had a rough time- hope you feel better soon.

  4. Adorable piece, so sweet!
    Sorry to hear things have been rough, congrats on the move to Colorado!

  5. Adorable images! So sorry to hear about your surgery. My sister went through that too, and it is very scary. I'm glad that you're using the experience to make big, positive changes. :)

  6. Sorry to hear about the baby. I went through an ectopic pregnancy myself some years back. Luckily though I was still able to conceive, though the doctors told me I wouldn't, and now have two beautiful little girls. It's tough to go through. ((hugs))
    As for moving... WHAT?! lol Should I hold onto your card and send it when you get to your new place?
    We can totally compare before and after pics. Our place is a real fixer-upper too.
    Best of luck, SquirrelGirl.

  7. Such sweet illustrations. Can I have a money tree seed please ;)

    I hope you will have a great time in Colorado and that all the bad things of the past will be forgotten soon.

  8. Wow, I am so late to visit and am saddened to hear of your loss and recent surgery. I am sure your family and friends were there supporting you through this. And good for you and your husband...congratulations on the fixer upper in Colorado! I'm excited for you - and it seems that you are very happy with the big change. Wishing you all the best there! : )

  9. Sorry to hear about your loss and such a scary time with the surgery and all. I hope you feel better really soon! Good on you for making the decision to move to a better place.... a fresh start sounds like a wonderful idea!! I really love your illustrations - super cute and lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog too, I really appreciate your comments :)

  10. he he he he!! How cute. I just love your style.

  11. HI Summer,

    I am so sorry to hear about your ectopic. It's such a scary thing when your body seems to backfire on you. I had 2 miscarriages before I had my twin boys so I am proof that bad stuff happens but you can move forward! Congrats on the decision to move to a better place. I hope things come up roses for you very very soon.


  12. Oh Bearuh! Get well soon my friend***


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